Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School

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Expected School-wide Learning Results

Upon graduation, Smidt Tech students will be…

Lifelong Learners who...
•    Set and strive toward college-ready goals
•    Seek out resources to achieve their objectives
•    Engage in open-minded, reflective, and inquisitive methods
•    Value knowledge and the learning process
Effective Communicators who...
•    Express ideas and opinions with clarity and respect
•    Self-advocate in order to effectively pursue goals and problem-solve
•    Courteously and professionally interact with others
•    Listen actively

Partners in a Technology-Dependent World who...
•    Collaborate to produce solutions
•    Connect ideas across disciplines
•    Understand how to effectively use social media
•    Use available resources to advance their quest for knowledge

Responsible Citizens who…
•    Demonstrate accountability for their actions
•    Have a positive impact on their community
•    Accept diversity and challenge prejudices
•    Make informed decisions that exhibit integrity