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Make-up Assignments

Make-up Assignments

Teachers will set their own class policies for submitting assignments when absent. Please note teachers may have a no late work policy. Additionally, missing due dates will result in zeros. Students must make up all assignments, and may be allowed to make up tests, and quizzes upon returning to school. Students should always try to get his/her assignment(s) from the school website, their classmates, or teachers while they are absent to prevent them from falling behind. Upon the first day of his/her return to school, it is the student’s responsibility to check in with the teacher about missed work and due dates.

A student who will be absent for three consecutive school days may get his/her assignments in advance by contacting the Main Office via phone or email. When requesting assignments, please keep the following in mind:

1.  Upon a request for missed work, teachers will submit the assignment to the office within 24 
     hours of the request.

2.  Please do not request assignments for students who have been or will be absent fewer than 
     three consecutive school days.