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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Student success has a direct correlation with consistent and punctual attendance in class and school related events. Students with good attendance records achieve higher grades, enjoy school more, are more successful in their pursuit of higher education, and are more employable after graduation. Alliance schools strive to achieve at least a 95% attendance rate each month and for the year.

California law states that every student shall attend school punctually and regularly and conform to the regulations of the school. It is ACRPS policy that students attend class regularly; that work missed because of school related activities or illness must be promptly made-up; that truancy is unacceptable; and that other absences approved by the parent be minimized or avoided whenever possible.

The attendance/tardy policy for Smidt Tech 9th-11th grade students is as follows:

·       Maximum of 3 full day absences per month
·       3 tardies = 1 absence
·       Exceeding the permitted number of absences will result in required detentions during Lunch 
        and Nutrition. Failure to attend detentions will result in alternative consequences, such as
        parent supervision at school for an entire day, community service, parent conferences, or
        other appropriate consequences.


Students who are excessively tardy will receive Lunch and Nutrition detentions.

Students have until the end of the month to “clear” tardies by serving any detention time owed. Students not completing their detention time will be restricted from school sponsored activities including sports participation, club participation, dances, the holiday potluck, senior activities, field trips, and college tours.

Parents can expect to receive a phone call each day their child is tardy. An administrator-parent conference will be scheduled for students who accrue 5 or more tardies.

Every 10 weeks, students who have zero absences or tardies will receive one day of free dress.

Parent notification of student absence

A staff member will call home within the first sixty minutes of the start of the instructional day if a student is not present. Parents should call the school to explain the reason for the student absence, if possible, before 8:00 a.m.

Procedure for clearing absences

Smidt Tech’s attendance policy allows students a maximum of two (2) days to excuse an absence. When a student returns to school after being absent, s/he must provide the Main Office with a dated note with contact information of a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence and the duration. After office staff has verified the letter, the student will receive an “Admit Slip” to return to class. This does not mean the absence is excused, but rather that the student was not truant on the day of absence.

Admit slips will only be issued with an ink/type written note from the parent/guardian that includes:

1. Student's name
2. The reason for absence
3. The date(s) the student was absent
4. Valid telephone number
5. A parent/guardian signature

The student must keep the admit Slip in a safe place and present it to each teacher at the beginning of each period until ALL periods have “cleared” the absence(s). Students will not be admitted to class without an Admit Slip.

Every absence due to illness requires a doctor’s note to excuse the absence. A student may not participate in any after-school extracurricular activity if s/he is absent from school on the day of the activity.

Excused absences

Absences are those that are recognized by the state as legal excused absences:
·   If a student is personally ill, and his/her attendance in school would endanger his/her health or 
    the health of others
·   Health (with documentation provided by medical professional)
·   Serious illness or death in the student's immediate family necessitates absence, e.g., funerals 
    (for immediate family, with program and/or obituary provided, & max three (3) days if not local)
·   Special/recognized religious holiday observed by student's faith
·   A required appearance in a court of law
·   Any other state/federal legal obligations

School-related absences
·   Field Trips
·   Academic Events
·   School Office Appointments
·   Suspension

Unexcused absences

Absences not defined above as “excused” are unexcused absences. Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to:
·   Unverified absence
·   Truancy
·   Tardy
·   Absence due to taking an early vacation or extending a vacation


The instructional day begins at 8:00 a.m. Students are expected to be in seats ready to engage in the instructional program by 7:55 a.m. A student who does not meet this expectation is considered tardy and will be detained in the office until parent notification has been made. Tardies to classes during the school day are also unacceptable, and those tardies will count against a student’s cumulative absences.