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Dress Code

Dress Code
In the future as our school continues to grow, each grade level will be wearing a different color of shirt. For the 2012-13 school year, the 9th grade students will be wearing light blue shirts and black pants. In the coming years, students will only be able to purchase uniform shirts if they earned the proper number of credits to be in that grade level. The first uniform shirt will be provided for FREE by Smidt Tech.
  • 10th grade students will need 57.5 credits to advance to burgundy.
  • 11th grade students will need 115 credits to advance to the next color shirt.
  • 12th grade students will need 172.5 credits to advance to the next color shirt.

Students at each Alliance campus must adhere to a strict uniform policy. 



Uniform top (light blue) w/ embroidered logo

Uniform shirts must be tucked into pants


Untucked uniform shirts

Plain and solid sweaters/jackets  

   (white, gray, navy blue, black)

Multi-colored sweaters

Colors not identified in yes column

No logos or designs of any kind

No hoodies/zip-ups

Plain and solid long-sleeve shirts underneath

    uniform shirt (white, gray, navy blue, black)

Multi-colored long-sleeve shirts

Colors not identified in yes column

Uniform pants/shorts/skirts (black)

Jeans (no black or blue jeans)

Stretch pants/shorts

Skinny pants/shorts

Low-riding pants/shorts


Shorts/Skirts more than 6 inches above knee

Plain and solid colored shoes (white, black,

    navy blue)

Solid colored shoelaces (white, black, navy


Rubber soled shoes

Multi-colored shoes

Open-toed shoes



Plain and solid color backpacks

    (navy blue, black)

Multi-colored backpacks

Colors not identified in yes column

Tagging on backpacks

Plain belt buckles

Simple jewelry


Belt buckles with designs/logos

Hoods, Hats, Beanies

Dangling and excessive jewelry

Earring Spacers/excessive piercings

The following clothing items are expressly prohibited for all students:
·   Any pants other than dress pants/slacks
·   Inappropriately tight and/or short clothing as determined by administration
·   Low-rise and/or hip-hugger pants
·   Tights/leggings worn as pants
·   Clothing with holes, especially if they reveal flesh
·   Open-toed shoes
·   Caps, hats, bandanas, hoods, and beanies
·   Pull-over sweatshirts regardless of color
·   Clothing worn inside out
·   Any clothing that does not properly cover the body
·   Any clothing that may be construed as having gang–affiliation (colored shoelaces, initialed belt 
    buckles, cut-out belts, “sagging”/oversized clothing, etc.)
·   Any attire that may be a distraction will be confiscated. Distracting attire includes but is not 
    limited to accessories such as extra clothing pieces, and excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry.

Out-Of Uniform Consequences

Parents will be contacted immediately when their student is not adhering to the uniform policy described above. If a student is out of uniform, parents will be asked to bring the student a change of clothes before the student may return to class.

Students are expected to be responsible for coming to school in uniform prepared to learn and to check their own attire. Please be aware that all staff will conduct uniform checks routinely. Students who are not in compliance with the uniform policy will be dealt with on an individual basis by the administration.

All students whose attire is in violation of Dress Code policy face disciplinary action and depending on the severity of the violation, students may not be permitted to return to class until they have changed.

Free Dress Guidelines
Free Dress will be earned throughout the year on a merit basis. Students who have earned free dress will receive written confirmation as to when they can redeem their free dress.

The following are the free dress guidelines:

1.   Boys and girls are permitted to wear casual pants, including clean and un-torn or frayed jeans.
2.   Boys and girls are permitted to wear T-shirts, sweatshirts, or other casual shirts/blouses 
      provided they are modest and do not make reference to drugs, alcoholic beverages, taverns, 
      offensive activities or sexual content, etc. “Double meaning” T-shirts are not permitted.
3.   Bare midriffs and clothing that is sexually suggestive or fails to conceal undergarments, back,
      abdomen, and cleavage will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, cut-out shirts, 
      halter tops, short shorts/skirts, bathing suits, tank tops, low-cut tops/dresses, and muscle 
4.    All undergarments are completely covered. All upper body, including the shoulders, are 
      completely covered (i.e., no spaghetti straps, tank tops, off the shoulder shirts, one 
      shouldered shirts, high/low cut shirts or pants).
5.   Gang attire of any kind will not be allowed. This includes gang-related clothing, solid colors of
      red or blue clothing or accessories, including but not limited to bandanas, or other symbols, 
      emblems, or insignia are prohibited. Gang-related web belts with or without punched out 
      metal buckles are prohibited. Dangerous clothing accessories are prohibited (e.g., spiked 
      jewelry, studded collars, studded belts).
6.   Girls may wear casual pants, skirts, shorts and skorts and appropriate blouses. Skirts and
      skorts must be the appropriate size and must be no more than 6 inches above knee
7.   Sandals are not permitted for either boys or girls.
8.   Neither boys nor girls are permitted to wear caps or hats. Hats and hoods are not to be worn 
      inside the school building.
9.   Any student, who has doubt about what to wear, should simply not wear it.