School Board Meetings

School Board of Directors

Each School Board of Directors meets quarterly and operates in accordance with the Brown Act as the board of a public entity.

The School Board of Directors is responsible for the governance operations of the school and is the entity that has legal responsibility for the school. The School Board of Directors provides fiscal responsibility by approving and monitoring the budget. Among the School Board’s other duties, it assists in effective organizational planning by approving long-range goals and annual objectives, it monitors health and safety of the school, its students, its teachers and its administrators, it ensures proper use and maintenance of facilities, and it makes sure that school resources are managed effectively.

The School Board of Directors meets four times a year: Two in-person meetings and two telephone conference calls all of which are open to the public and subject to the Brown Act requirements. The school board is made of 9 voting members: 5 Alliance directors, 2 teacher directors and 2 parent directors recommended by the principal.
On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 1:30 PM the School Board of Directors is scheduled to meet via Skype.  Anyone interested in attending the meeting will be given a seat at Smidt Tech in the meeting room at the time scheduled above.


To access all the meeting materials, please use the following link:

 Board Members:

23.  ASmidt HS


Veronica Campos


Linda Hernandez


Veronica Bane


Jorge Lee


Howard Lappin, President


Dale Okuno, Secretary


Chris Weber


Darline Robles


Matt Lew